Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Not All Who Wander Are Lost
June, 2019 - Mount Denali, Alaska

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Wonderful Nebraska Visit

In September, we spent 10 days at the campground of Carol Joy Holling Camp in Ashland, Nebraska. Our son Korey is the Program Director for Nebraska Outdoor Lutheran Ministries, and CJH Camp is their main site where his office is located. The campground is not open to the general public, but is available for campers who have a connection to the camp. That includes us as family members of an employee.

Ashland had a very dry summer, and they were about 11 inches below on average rainfall. As our luck would have it, it rained the entire week before we arrived. The sites are grass in a former farm field. There are only a few sites with sewer and 50 amp service, but it is a beautiful place to camp.

Kevin had the truck in four wheel drive as he pulled into our site. Unfortunately, there was a bit of a depression where the back tires ended up when he stopped. As he tried to pull forward a bit, the back tires just started spinning deeper and deeper. Korey had told us that people have gotten stuck before, and the maintenance man Roger has pulled plenty of people out. I called Korey, and Roger was there in no time. He was able to use his truck to get us unstuck. Luckily, it didn't rain the entire time we were there, so things dried out before we left. Roger came and filled in the ruts before we left.

A beautiful spot once we were set up and unstuck.

We saw deer several times, and these turkeys visited daily. At one time, there were eight of them in the group.

I have spoken of the camp Korey works at in the past. It is such a beautiful place, He is lucky to work in such amazing surroundings. I'm going to give you a little history and tour of the grounds.

In 1974 George and Irene Holling donated 320 acres of land to Nebraska Outdoor Lutheran Ministries in memory of their daughter, Carol Joy Holling. Carol was tragically killed in a car accident on her way to her freshman year of college. Since then, the camp has grown, and tens of thousands of people have benefitted from the programs they offer.

Inspiration Point is located on a bluff overlooking the gorgeous scenery. There is a large campfire pit and benches for events. Under the huge cross is an alter where the ashes of George, Irene and Carol Holling are buried.

In addition to hosting summer camp each year for children of all ages, there are several retreat centers on the grounds. Many groups have events there, making it a busy place year round. The largest is called the Swanson Center. 

Korey's office is the window on the bottom left of the building below. Such a wonderful place to work.

They have a couple of ropes courses which are used for campers, but also by many different groups for team building activities. Korey really enjoys the ropes courses, and sometimes helps out working at them. The building behind the course on the bottom right is the bath house for the swimming pool.

There is a pond on the grounds where visitors can use the boats or go fishing. The open area across the pond is where the annual quilt auction is held each summer. 

Here is a picture of Korey and Cathryn holding up one of the quilts I donated last summer. 

There are different themed areas for the summer campers. Some of the very popular ones are where the campers can ride horses. This is the western town where campers sleep in dorm rooms. There is a gym for indoor activities and other buildings where campers work on service projects.

This is just a small view of what the camp offers. Each morning we took walks among the different areas to explore. It is truly an inspiration of what has become of a generous gift that resulted from a tragic event. Nebraska is lucky to have such an amazing place!!

We spent several days with Korey and Cathryn when they weren't working. We golfed twice on gorgeous fall afternoons.

One Sunday afternoon Cathryn and I worked on a quilt she is making while the guys watched football. Cathryn started this tee shirt quilt several years ago. I've helped her off and on over the years when we've visited. She almost has the top pieced. They she'll have to decide how she wants to quilt it.

Kevin helped Korey do some repairs where the screen door had pulled out of the wood. It looked like the previous owner had tried to fix it with cardboard. That didn't hold up too well.

Because of Covid, we didn't go out other than to golf. It was wonderful just spending time with our kids. I wish we were closer, so we could see them more often.

We've been back in Yuma for over two weeks. It has still been quite warm with highs on the low 100s most days. In a few weeks, it should be cooling off nicely. Once that happens, we have plans to paint the shed and replace the flooring on our front porch. Some activities are being held here at the resort with lots of Covid restrictions. I have a feeling this will be a very low key winter season here at the resort. Better safe than sorry!

Be Safe and Healthy!!

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