Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Not All Who Wander Are Lost
June, 2019 - Mount Denali, Alaska

Friday, January 21, 2011

Meeting More Blog Friends

I’ve been following the travel journal of Jo and Fred Wishnie for a few years.  I discovered their blog while I was researching and planning our fulltime RV dream.  They are also from Wisconsin.

When I realized that they we would all be in Yuma at the same time, I sent Jo an email and we made plans to meet.  Yesterday they came and visited us at our resort.  We had a very nice visit, and I enjoyed playing with their dog, Boo Boo.  We no longer have a dog, so it’s nice to get my dog fix once in a while :)


As you can see, Kevin did not want to have his picture taken.  I told him it goes in the blog no matter what kind of face he is making.  Thanks, Jo and Fred, for coming for a visit.  It’s so nice to finally meet you!  I’m sure we’ll see you again some time.

P1010545Today we went to the Imperial National Wildlife Refuge.  There are big horn sheep and wild burros at the refuge.  You guessed it; we didn’t see any!  We did take a hike on the Painted Desert Trail.  It was another beautiful day, and we had an enjoyable walk.  Here we are with our friends Joan and Al.


We didn’t see much wildlife, but we did see a bunch of these little lizards .


And we saw these birds.  I tried to identify what they are online, but I couldn’t find it.  Maybe Judy can help me.


This hike in the desert reminded us of Death Valley.


P1010549On the way out, we saw this blimp in the sky.  It’s used by the border patrol to catch drug smuggling planes.








P1010550We stopped at the Yuma Proving Grounds which is a 1,300 square mile area owned by the military.  They do testing of all kinds of military items and vehicles.  We saw these guys doing some type of parachuting exercises.




We stopped at the visitor center where there were a number of displays.  We waited around to watch the movie, but they never started it :(  There was a pull-off area with a bunch of missiles and tanks on display.



Tonight we had the fish fry dinner at our RV park.  The food was mediocre at best.  We might as well have gotten a TV dinner and cooked it ourselves.  There was a guy who sang and played guitar during dinner.  He was pretty good.  After dinner they had the weekly jam session in the park.  All kinds of musicians staying here get together and take turns playing and singing.  There were a few talented people in the group, and some who just enjoyed themselves.

As I mentioned before, there a a lot of Canadians in this park.  We were quite surprised that almost all of them sang country songs.  We would have liked to hear some oldies.  We also enjoyed watching the dancers.  I’m honestly not trying to be critical because it takes a lot of nerve to get up there in front of people, and we don’t do it.  But, I must admit we did have to chuckle a few times.

So, our first week here at the park has come to an end, and we are having a great time!

There were some questions asked regarding our dune buggy trip in the desert.  Yes, it was noisy, but the engine was behind us so I didn’t think it was that big a deal.  We did go with friends, but we rented the vehicles along with the guide.  It was $199 per couple.  It was a lot of fun, and definitely a memorable experience.

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