Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Not All Who Wander Are Lost
June, 2019 - Mount Denali, Alaska

Monday, October 15, 2018

Snow On The Way to Arizona

We left Wisconsin on October 8th. We were actually lucky there was a break in the rain for us to hook up, as it had rained for days before we left.

We spent three nights at Big Woods Lake Campground in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Normally, we stay at George Wyth State Park in Waterloo, but they were closed due to the river flooding. Big Woods was a very nice county campground with full hook up, pull through sites and free wi-fi for $25 per night. We might just make this our place to stay in the future. We had a great time visiting with Kevin's brother and family. The weather continued to be lousy with rain most of the time we were there.

When you do a lot of traveling, you tend to see some unusual sites along the highways. These semis were at a rest area we stopped at. They were hauling the blades for those windmills you see. It's amazing how huge each blade is up close. You can see the size compared to the cars parked behind them.

We arrived in Lincoln, Nebraska on Thursday to spend time with our son Korey and his wife Cathryn. They came for dinner on Thursday at the RV. We hadn't seen them since April, so it was wonderful to see and hug them again.

Friday evening we ordered pizza and watched the Milwaukee Brewers beat the Dodgers at their house. Saturday was a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine and temps in the mid 60s. Cathryn had to work, but we went to Costco with Korey and then visited the White Elm Brewing Company. They have been in business for two years. The guys said the beers were good. We watched the Brewer game in the afternoon; unfortunately, they gave up a lead and lost the game. When Cathryn got home we went out to dinner at Lazlo's.

Sunday brought a cold front through Lincoln. It started snowing around 9 am. We went to church where Korey was playing in the worship band. He wasn't happy I was taking his picture. Cathryn had to work again.

After church we went back to Korey's house. It was snowing hard. Luckily, we kept a snow brush in the truck. Total snow was about 3.5 inches. We played some games and watched some football on a cold and snowy day in mid October. Crazy weather again.

Cathryn got home early, so we went to Home Depot to buy them a chest freezer. They asked for one as part of their Christmas gift, and since we had the truck, we could pick it up with them. Then back to their house for dinner. It was so much fun spending time with our kids. We'll see them again in two months when we fly back to Wisconsin in December. They're coming too for Christmas celebrations with family.

Tonight we are in Big Springs, Nebraska for the night at McGreer Camper Park. It's a Passport America campground, so we only pay $18.50 plus tax. Nothing fancy, but full hook up, 50 amp, pull through, so perfect for one night. Still below freezing tonight, but it looks like the next few days will be sunny and warming up. Great driving weather.

Don’t wish upon a star – Reach for one!

Monday, October 8, 2018

We're Out of Here

We are very happy to be able to say we are hitting the road again this morning. Out of the nine seasons we have worked in Wisconsin, this season was the most frustrating and challenging. Nothing major happened, but lots of little things that make us very ready to retire and move on.

Mostly, this season it was the weather that was the challenge. It started out very cold with snow in late April, then very hot and humid, then flooding rains, then hot and humid again, then the worst mosquito influx we have ever experienced, then more flooding. You get the picture. We are tired of rain and long for the sun in Arizona!

A few weeks ago after yet another rain shower, we had a beautiful rainbow.

We have many blue jays and cardinals at the park throughout the summer. This guy decided he liked the mirror on our truck as a perch.

The field behind us was planted with corn this year. Both the blue jays and cardinals have been pecking at the ears of corn. I've never noticed this before. I didn't know birds ate corn. Look closely and you can see the piece of corn in this cardinal's beak.

Our first stop will be in the Waterloo, Iowa area to visit Kevin's brother and family. Two of the campgrounds we have stayed at in the past are closed due to flooding. We're hoping to get a site at a third county park campground. We're not the only area that has had flooding rains this summer.

After Iowa, we'll spend five nights in Nebraska visiting our son Korey and wife Cathryn. I can't wait to see them again!!! The forecast for these two stops is, you guessed it, more rain. I miss the sun!!

Oh well, we'll try to ignore that pesky rain and enjoy our visit with family. Then on to Yuma and starting our remodel of the new to us park model. Can't wait to see our Yuma friends and enjoy all the activities at the resort.

Don’t wish upon a star – Reach for one!