Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Not All Who Wander Are Lost
June, 2019 - Mount Denali, Alaska

Monday, November 8, 2010

Wind, Wind and More Wind!

We’ve had the most beautiful weather this fall, but the last two days have not been very nice.  Wind bothers me more than any other kind of bad weather.  I’ll take cold, cloudy or rainy any day over high winds.  Of course warm and sunny is my favorite :)

Since Saturday night it has been super windy.  The slide toppers are noisy when it’s this windy.  The wind itself is noisy.  The trailer shakes a little bit.  The worst part is I can’t sleep with the wind noises.  Last night I pulled in the big slide and slept on the couch.  Or I should say I tried to sleep.  The couch is a bit short for me so my legs were falling asleep.  I wish the rest of me would have :)

When we bought this unit, we didn’t realize that you couldn’t sleep on the bed with the bedroom slide pulled in.  The bed lifts up when the slide is pulled in so it doesn’t hit the dresser across from it.  I can’t sleep in the bed with the slide topper flapping around.  The good news is the wind is supposed to die down for tonight.  If not, earplugs and a Tylenol PM might be needed.

The clouds that have been zooming by did help create any amazingly beautiful sky last night.



Yesterday was football day and today we stayed home.  We did talk an hour long walk around noon during a lull in the windy weather.  Kevin started washing the outside of the trailer, and I got out the sewing machine and worked on some of my sewing projects.  Nothing too exciting.

I did add a page to the blog yesterday for Campground Reviews.  I post a review of each campground we’ve stayed at on the RV Park Reviews website.  I use that site all the time when looking for a place to stay.  I thought it might be helpful to have a page on my blog to review the campgrounds as well.  Hopefully, it will be useful for some people.

I also changed the look of the blog a little bit.  I’m playing around with background colors.  My text background color used to be light blue.  I liked the color, but found that most of my pictures are taken outside.  My background color seemed too close to the sky color in many of the pictures.  I’m hoping the new color makes the pictures pop a bit more.

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