Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Not All Who Wander Are Lost
June, 2019 - Mount Denali, Alaska

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yo-Yo Days

It seems like I’m always talking about the weather, but it has been so unusual.  We’ve been back in Wisconsin for almost a month, and the weather has been just plain crummy!

The temperatures have been below normal, and it has been cloudy and rainy.  There have been a few nice days, but overall it’s been just yucky!  Then, last week the temps suddenly spiked to near 90 degrees with very high dew points.  Our bodies really struggled with adjusting to the high humidity. This yo-yo weather stinks!

For the weekend we’re back to rain, clouds, and highs around 50 degrees.  We only have two other 5th wheels in the park this weekend.  I don’t blame people for not wanting to camp in this kind of weather.

I’ve seen some boats out on the lake today.  The wind is from the north, and there are actually whitecaps on the water.  Burr.  I feel bad for people who can only get out on the weekend, and then have to put up with this kind of weather.  These people were out on the lake most of the day.  As you can see, they’re wearing winter coats and have their hoods up.  I’m happy to be inside with the heater on :)


On Thursday, I worked my first volunteer shift at Beaver Dam Community Hospital.  I’ve signed up to volunteer at their daycare facility.  In order to be accepted, I needed two references who would complete a form about me, a blood test to check for rubella immunity, a TB test, and a background check.  They’re not taking any chances.

Until all of that is in place, they asked if I would help by taking pictures for their annual Kindergarten tours.  The kids come and have a tour, and then get their picture taken wearing either a doctor or nurse hat.  I took pictures of each child wearing their hat. 

I wasn’t surprised at the number of girls who chose to wear a doctor hat, but I was a little surprised at the number of boys who chose the nurse hat.  I’m glad to see boys overcoming the stereotype that nursing is just for girls.

Last week I also took my mom to the car dealer Kevin used to work at to pick up the conversion van she purchased.  She has decided that she wants to travel with her friend, Richard. They plan to take some trips in the van.  They are in their mid 70s, and I think it’s great they want to do this.

Yesterday Kevin and I made the four hour round-trip to Burlington RV to pick up the fenders they had sent out to the paint shop when we were there last month.  We didn’t want to wait around four extra days while we were there waiting for the fenders to get painted, so we said we’d pick them up later and Kevin would attach them.  These are the fenders that were damaged when our tire lost it’s tread in Arizona.

We stopped at another RV dealer on the way to look at some Big Horn and Jayco Pinnacle 5th wheels, but we didn’t see anything that blew us away.  We like to look at what’s available, it’s fun.  But, for now we’ll stick with what we have. 

So, that’s our exciting week.  We’re adjusting to our camphosting position, and Kevin is happy with his park caretaker position.  I’m looking forward to some summer weather so we can enjoy being outside.

I found this picture on the web several months ago.  I don’t remember where, but I thought I would share it with you.

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