Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Not All Who Wander Are Lost
June, 2019 - Mount Denali, Alaska

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Kevin

Today is Kevin’s 59th birthday. One more year, and he will reach a milestone. I told him we would do whatever he wants on his birthday, so I’m not sure what we’ll be doing today. Maybe nothing. I’ve been keeping him pretty busy with hiking, pickleball, shuffleboard, bike riding, swimming and walking. We are going to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. It’s one of his favorite places, and he loves the Onion Blossom. Whatever we do, I’m glad to spend another birthday with the best husband in the world!

The weather has been a bit odd the last week. Lots of clouds which is unusual for Yuma, but highs still in the mid to upper 70s. The clouds do make for some beautiful sunrises.



…and sunsets.


We actually had .25 inches of rain last week. The next morning started out with some fog in the mountains.


On Monday we joined the hiking group for another hike into the surrounding desert and mountains. It was a three mile hike with lots of climbing up and down on rocky ground.

Our first stop was a cross that someone erected on top of a peak.



There is also a bench up there. A beautiful spot for some reflection. Although it was cloudy, we could see for miles. Somewhere down there is our RV park. This is the foothills area of Yuma. The trails you see are used by hikers and ATV riders.





We climbed back down and crossed a wash a few times. Then we headed up another peak. At the top was an abandoned gold mine. I was expecting some type of structure like you see in the movies, but it is just a hole in the ground. Pretty dangerous, actually.



Four years ago when we were in Yuma with our friends Al and Joan, we tried three times to find this mine. I don’t think we ever came close. Good thing we had our hiking leader because I’m sure I would never find it again.

This picture shows where we came from although you can’t see if unless you zoom in. In the front is the mine hole. The peak behind the couple in the red and light blue shirt is where the cross is. We scrambled up and down like a group of mountain goats. Well, some of us scrambled better than others. Although the hike was only three miles, it felt much longer with all the climbing.


P1160002There are lots of hummingbirds flying around the RV resort. I have a small feeder attached to the side of the fifth wheel outside the window where my chair is. Every morning I have visitors.

I think these are Anna’s hummingbirds. If the light hits them right, their heads are a beautiful fuchsia color. Other times they just look green. My feeder is mostly in the shade. When the sun hits them, they are even brighter and more beautiful. I never knew hummingbirds made noise, but you can hear them all over the park. I never tire of watching them.


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