Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Not All Who Wander Are Lost
June, 2019 - Mount Denali, Alaska

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We Tried…

This afternoon we walked over to Camping World which is right next door to our campground.  We were just going to look at a few items in the store and check out prices.

We realized they are a Jayco dealer so we took a walk around the lot looking for 5th wheels.  They happened to have three of the new Pinnacle series which is Jayco’s new top of the line model replacing the Designer.

They were locked so we found a salesman to show us the inside.  We saw two floor plans that we really liked.  One of the units had the premium paint package, the larger refrigerator, the double-pane windows, a generator, two ACs and a number of other options we would like to have.  It was so nice!

Next thing you know, we’re inside talking trade-in value and price.  We gave the guy our bottom line and then went looking around the store while he talked to his boss.  Now, we’ve purchased five brand new Jaycos since 1981 and we know our percentages, and we know about mark-ups.  They were not willing to give us the kind of discount we are accustomed to getting, so we said “No Thanks”. 

Like I said, we tried.  It would have been nice, but not yet.  Ours is still great, and we are very happy with it.  But, it sure was nice :)

They have our number, and we’re here until Sunday.  Maybe they’ll reconsider.  I highly doubt it!  Spring is not the time to buy a new camper and get a good deal.

The campground we’re staying at is on the frontage road of Interstate 40.  That frontage road is part of the original Route 66.  There are a number of vintage RVs here, and some of them are even available to rent.  Aren’t they cute!


Dave and Judy, you guys would love this place.  In the gift shop, they have all kinds of little vintage trailer models for sale as well as vintage trailer birdhouses, wind chimes, etc.

There’s a little courtyard behind the office with this flower bed.  It’s so nice to see tulips again!


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