Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Not All Who Wander Are Lost
June, 2019 - Mount Denali, Alaska

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Hole in One

We continue to keep quite busy with all the activities going on in the park.

Last Wednesday Kevin had his first ever hole in one. We were playing in the couples group. On the par 3, fourth hole, he hit a perfect drive that bounced just in front of the green and rolled toward the pin. It was going at a good clip, so I was afraid it was going to roll right past. Suddenly, the ball disappeared. We both saw it, but couldn't quite believe it. The couple we were playing with drove their cart up to see. Sure enough, there it was in the hole. He was quite excited!! So was everyone else at the bar afterwards. We bought several pitchers of beer, and everyone was able to enjoy the celebration!

We have still been playing quite a bit of golf. On Feb. 23rd, we both played in the annual tournament for the park residents. There were 185 participants. Here's my group. It was so cold, we had a 30 minute frost delay. Once the sun got higher in the sky, it warmed up nicely. Good thing we had plenty of layers and some birdie juice to keep us warm.

Each year there are more men than women signed up for the tournament. Several yeas ago, they started choosing men to be special ladies to even out the teams. It has become quite the event. The "ladies" wore golf attire during the day, and changed into their evening finery for dinner. It's all in good fun, and everyone seemed to enjoy the entire day.

The quilting group has also been busy. We made 35 bags for foster children. The kids are able to take the bags to a charity where they can fill them with toiletries and some clothing. Here we are working hard sewing them.

And, here are the finished products!

We found time to go to some quilt shows at some of the other RV parks in Yuma. We enjoyed lunch at one of the shows. So many talented people creating beautiful quilts all over Yuma.

A few weeks ago there was a full moon. We attended the Howl at the Moon party with music, dancing and some howling going on. I managed to catch a picture before the moon disappeared behind the clouds. It was kind of cool that it was rising between the palm trees with the flag between the trees. Too bad that cell tower was in the way. 

This winter has been colder and wetter than normal. We've had quite a bit of rain, which is supposed to make the desert bloom beautiful in spring. You don't often see a rainbow over the desert hills here.

The Sunday before Dick and Wanda left I attended Cowboy Church with them at another RV park. Jack Jackson is a top rate country entertainer who spends his winters in Arizona. Several years ago he began holding his Cowboy Church services. He has developed such a huge following that they now have two services, and they are packed. It was very enjoyable. He is a great entertainer and preacher. The gentleman playing the fiddle was outstanding.

So, you can see we are never bored. In between all the fun, our remodel continues at a slow pace. Our friend Brad, who was a cabinetmaker before he retired, is making the kitchen cabinets. He has finished the bottom ones, and I applied the varnish. They are going in this week. The outside was supposed to be painted this week, but it rained, so another delay. I'm hoping the outside will get done next week. The remodel is mostly finished, but we are waiting until the cabinets are done before the flooring and final touch ups can be done. 

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