Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Not All Who Wander Are Lost
June, 2019 - Mount Denali, Alaska

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Why Are The Lights Flickering

Yesterday afternoon we noticed our power was “flickering”.  While I was making popcorn, the microwave seemed to by cycling up and down, kind of like a power surge in reverse.  The lights were dimming on and off as well.

Kevin went outside to check things out at the electrical box.  Our 50 to 30 amp plug was partially melted to the plug in the campground’s box.  That’s not good!

We shut everything down and Kevin let things outside cool down.  Being a holiday weekend, the office is closed until Monday. Kevin had a spare plug, so we’re using that.  The box still works, but it’s certainly not working as well as it should.

Ideally, 50 amp service works best for us.  However, we’ve been at a number of campgrounds with 30 amp service and have had no problems.  We just have to be more mindful of turning one thing off before we turn another on.  For example, if I want to use the blow dryer, I have to turn off the electric heater first.  

I’m not very happy with this campground.  Twice we’ve been unable to get out due to the entry road being flooded.  Now this poor electrical box.  The voltage appears to be lower than it should.

So we’ve had to pay for a rental car to pick up the boys when the road was flooded, and now we have to replace a melted plug.

It appears the owners (a corporation) put as little money as possible into the place.  It’s kept clean, but everything is looking rather “tired”.  We will definitely not be coming back to Woods Valley Kampground in Valley Center, California!

Our Wisconsin Badgers played their hearts out yesterday, but came up short in the Rose Bowl :(  Hopefully, the Packers will win today.

I’m trying to fight off this cold, but it’s winning.  I really didn’t feel well yesterday and my throat was pretty sore last night.  Thank goodness for Nyquil.  At least I was able to sleep well.

I’d like to welcome some new followers Beth, Dear Miss Mermaid and Coast to Coast.  Sometimes I lose track of who new followers are, but I welcome everyone.  I’ve been writing this blog for almost a year, and I’m honored that people spend time reading it.  I have learned a great deal from other bloggers.  I hope sharing our experiences can help/inspire others.

Keep those comments coming :) 

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