Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Not All Who Wander Are Lost
June, 2019 - Mount Denali, Alaska

Friday, July 23, 2010

Come Hell or High Water

We definitely got the high water, so I think we’re save from hell for now :)

This entry will contain many pictures.  We have had a tremendous amount of rain over the last 2 days with more expected.  Per the rain gauge in the park, we’re thinking we got somewhere between 6 and 8 inches yesterday. 

A couple of weeks ago we had some heavy rains, and I posted some pictures.  That was nothing compared to today, but I will post one of those pictures again for comparison.

There is a pier right across the road from our site.  This is where we launch the rental canoes and kayaks. 

Astico 1st Flood 2

Astico Flood 2 The picture on the left is from July 15.  In the far upper left corner you can see the bridge support for the road outside of the park.  Take a look at today’s picture on the right.  The water is quite a bit higher on the support.  Also, in the picture on the right, the water is covering the first part of the dock and all of the asphalt path showing on the left.

Near the park entrance there are 13 sites along the river.  We are the first camper in this picture.  Although the river water is higher than normal in this area, it is not close to the campsites.  The river is behind the trees to the left of the road.

Astico River Sites Just to the left of the road across from our truck is a parking area with a ditch behind it.  Last night during the height of the storm, water was rushing down this ditch.  It was over the park entrance road at the top of the picture and almost up to the concrete bumpers.  I was afraid that if it came across the road, we might be floating away :)

Astico Flood 3Along the back of these 13 river sites is a low lying area.  This picture is out of our back window during the storm.  You can see how this area was becoming a lake.  If you look closely, you can see the water rushing out of the culvert on the right.

Astico Flood 1  Beyond the sites at the entrance of the park is a road that takes you up a hill to a ridge.  There are about 30 total sites up on top of this ridge.  They’re safe from any flooding.




Further down the road is a camping area of the park called “The Point” with about 15 tent sites.  This area is now closed.  The majority of the sites are under water.  Garbage cans are floating and picnic tables have water over the seats.

Astico Flood 4

Astico Flood 5

Astico Flood 6

Astico Flood 7

Astico Flood 8

You can see the site pole in the back and a knocked down garbage can on the right next to the tree.




Astico Flood 10 There is a bend in the river so there is a 3rd campground along the water on the other end of the park.  This area has about 15 electric sites.  So far, they have not closed this area.  There is concern that the water will get up to the electric boxes.  If that happens, this area will also be closed.

Astico Flood 11 Normally, the river flows to the right of this tree line.  It is now several feet to the left of the trees.  It is only a few feet from the electric box in the center of the picture.

Astico Flood 12 You can see the water is several feet above the tree line.  Some of the fire pits are full of water.

We had some scary storms go through last night.  There were a few crashes of thunder that made me jump!  The bad news is that 2 of our windows leaked again.  At least this time we were watching for it, so we were able to put down towels and keep the carpeting from getting soaked.  We will definitely have the dealer service department fix this when we take the camper in to have the awning fabric replaced.

More rain and storms are predicted for tonight.  I’ll let you know if we float away :)

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