Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Not All Who Wander Are Lost
June, 2019 - Mount Denali, Alaska

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Lexington Horse Farms

Yesterday was one of those perfect fall days; crisp air, sunny skies and vibrant colors. Kevin was nice enough to chauffeur me along part of the Kentucky Scenic Byway that takes you through some gorgeous areas of horse farms in the outskirts of Lexington.

Many of the roads were very narrow. I can't imagine towing a horse trailer on them. We saw one magnificent farm after another with miles and miles of fences surrounding them. I imagined the fences to be white. While some of them were, most of them are black.  Many of the barns are nicer looking than many houses we've seen. Here are two that stood out.

 We saw miles and miles of pastures, but not that many horses. On one of our previous tours, we learned that each horse needs about five acres of pasture to prevent overgrazing of the land. That's a lot of land for not that many horses. We also learned that the make up of the ground and soil in this part of Kentucky was found to be perfect for growing bluegrass. The blend of nutrients in the grass is excellent for feeding horses. That's one of the reasons why this area became the horse capital of the world.

Many of the properties have gates at their entrances. This was one of the more ornate ones we saw.

It was hard to get many quality pictures from inside the truck. Sometimes, you just have to enjoy the view without trying to photograph it. That's what the drive yesterday was like.

Dinner was endless shrimp at Red Lobster in Lexington. It was fantastic, and we were both plenty full when we left. I love their cheddar biscuits and brought a few home in a doggy bag to enjoy with today's meal.

I'm giving Kevin a day of rest from sightseeing today. I'm sure he'll enjoy watching some football and relaxing. There is a nice laundry at this campground, so I plan to do a few loads while all of the weekend warriors depart. It was quite full for the weekend.  We leave tomorrow for Kodak, Tennessee for a few days. It's near the Pigeon Forge area, so I'm sure I'll find plenty for us to do there.

I discovered another tiny house at the RV park we were at in Paducah, but forgot to post a picture. I'll be curious to see how many of them we see this winter.

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