Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Not All Who Wander Are Lost
June, 2019 - Mount Denali, Alaska

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Leaving Fort Pierce

It's hard to believe the month of January is at an end. We enjoyed our month in Fort Pierce, but are ready to move on to our next stop. We'll be spending the month of February at Rock Creek RV Resort in Naples. Some friends will also be at the resort for the month and another couple are at a condo nearby, so I'm sure we'll be quite busy.

Since our trip to Key West, we've visited a few more times with Kim and Harland. We went to their resort for a Motown evening with dinner. While there they made us their margarita recipe. Some of the best we've had. I can understand why some of their other friends refer to them as "crackaritas". They came here for dinner last Saturday. We sure enjoyed spending time with them this month. We always were having so much fun, I kept forgetting to take a picture. So, here's a picture of us when we were together in Texas in 2013.

Last week we had a surprise phone call from our Wisconsin friends, Tim and Pam. Before we left Wisconsin in October, they had mentioned they were maybe coming to Florida sometime this winter, but didn't have any concrete plans. What a surprise to get a call asking if we wanted to do lunch the following day. They were indeed in Florida, and were driving near us from one stop to another. It worked out perfect to get together for lunch and spend a few hours visiting. We went to a restaurant in Fort Pierce called On the Edge. It's a small place right on the water with great views and good food.

We discovered a really nice roadside produce market and nursery called Nelsons. They have fresh produce at good prices. We stopped last week and got all of this for under $10. Strawberries are in season in Florida, and they are SO good.

For most of the month of January the temperatures have been above normal. Highs were in the 80s and we had some pretty humid days. The last few days a cold front has finally come through, and this morning we actually had a frost advisory with lows in the high 30s. Quite a change. But, don't worry about us; temps are heading back up to the upper 70s for the extended forecast.

Tomorrow is our oldest son Eric's 36th birthday. We sure hope he has a wonderful day! Happy birthday Eric!!

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