Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Not All Who Wander Are Lost
June, 2019 - Mount Denali, Alaska

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A New Discovery

P1020158As we drive to and from Beaver Dam, we’ve noticed a sign for the Wild Goose State Trail along Hwy. 33. We are camphosts for the Dodge County Parks System. The section of the Wild Goose State Trail that runs through Dodge County is maintained by the Parks Department. We’ve seen information about the trail on some of the brochures at our park. So, we’ve been curious about the trail.

It is free of charge and is accessible for hiking, biking and horseback riding. During the winter months, ATVs and snowmobiles are allowed.  On Sunday, we were finally able to ride our bikes on the trail. Spring was cool and wet, summer has been very hot and humid. Sunday was finally a perfect bike riding day. Highs were in the 70s and the humidity was low.

P1020159The trail runs along an abandoned railroad corridor, so it is pretty flat. It’s not paved, but most of it has crushed stone to ride on. Much of the trail has a separate trail alongside the main trail for the horses. It was so nice not to have to dodge horse droppings as we were riding. We rode about 11 miles, and really enjoyed ourselves. We’ll definitely do it again. I’m thinking it will be very beautiful once the leaves start changing color.

P1020157We have a 3 mile route we walk a few days a week. There are several cornfields along the way. It’s been fun watching the corn grow since we first got here in April. My guess is it’s now about 10 feet tall. I’m 5’ 4”, and it looks like the corn is almost twice as tall as I am. I’m thinking it was a good year for the farmers.



P1020162There’s some kind of tall weed growing behind us. Birds just love to sit on it. I’m thinking there are seeds attracting the birds. Sometimes, there are 4 or 5 of these small birds sitting all along the plant.




Today was overcast and a bit cool. It’s actually raining right now. There is definitely a touch of fall in the air. However, Thursday and Friday is predicted to be in the 90s with high humidity. Maybe it will be summer’s last hoorah! School starts for most districts in Wisconsin on Thursday. Won’t those kids be happy to be back in school with such hot temperatures.

Yesterday I spent the day working at Eric’s house. I was able to finish applying the texture paint to the walls in both bathrooms. So, next week I’ll actually be painting the final color coat on the walls. Yippee, the job is almost done.

Our park is almost booked solid for the weekend. We have 5 families from our camping club coming to camp with us. And, our son, Korey, will be home for 5 days. So, we should have some fun and busy days coming up. I’m looking forward to it!

Don’t wish upon a star – Reach for one!