Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Not All Who Wander Are Lost
June, 2019 - Mount Denali, Alaska

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Unusual Bed

I’ve mentioned before how much I dislike wind.  Well, it’s been very windy since Friday morning.  Sustained winds of 20 to 30 mph with gusts over 40.  There have been a string of huge storms all over the southwest.  All least we’re not getting hammered with snow like other places.  We haven’t even had rain, just wind, wind, wind!

The wind is just so noisy.  The slide toppers make noise, but it’s more than that; all kinds of noises, flapping, creaking, howling, etc.  I knew sleeping was going to be a problem Friday night.  I took 1/2 of a Tylenol PM which is normally all I need, and I put in the earplugs.  I slept for 3 hours and that was the end of it.  Spent the rest of the night watching late night TV game shows.

It was still howling last night, and I was dreading another night without sleep.  When desperate, you can come up with some out of the box ideas :)

We have an Aerobed for when the kids visit.  I pulled in the bedroom slide and squeezed the air mattress between the bed and the shower.  There was just enough room.  I also pulled in the kitchen slide which is next to the bedroom and that also helped cut out some noise.  I ran a little electric heater in the bedroom which created some white noise.  This time I took a whole Tylenol PM and put in the earplugs.  Success!!!  I slept a solid 8 hours.

Poor Kevin ended up sleeping on the couch.  The noise doesn’t really bother him, and he can sleep just about anywhere.  He said it was fine.  What a great guy to put up with my craziness!

When we bought this trailer, we had never heard of a bed lifting up when you pull in the bedroom slide.  We didn’t find out about it until after we had purchased it and spent the night on the dealer’s lot.  When I pushed the button to pull in the bedroom slide, I was sure surprised to see the bed lift up.  That way it doesn’t hit the dresser across from it. 

I highly, highly doubt our next one will require the slide to be out in order to sleep in the bed.  It also concerns me when we spend a night at a Flying J or Wal-Mart.  We’ve done it a few times and never had a problem, but I’d rather not have to slide it out.

The good news is the wind is supposed to die down tonight or tomorrow for sure.  So I may be sleeping in my alternate bed for one more night.

I’m not complaining, though.  This still beats the alternative!

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