Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Not All Who Wander Are Lost
June, 2019 - Mount Denali, Alaska

Thursday, August 15, 2013

You May Have Been Wondering…

You may have been wondering what I was doing all summer. I wasn’t able to show you because I was working on lots of surprises.

It began last winter while we were still in Texas. I had offered to sew/quilt some clutch purses for Cathryn to give her bridesmaids. Since some of her family members read this blog, I couldn’t show them to you. I made a total of twelve of them for her to give to whomever she wanted. The main fabric matched the color of the dresses, but each purse was unique with either a different button or different lining fabric.

Purses for Cathryn's Wedding Attendants

While in Texas, I also finished this counted cross stitch wall hanging for them.


Cathryn had lots of wedding related pictures on Pinterest. One of them was mason jar candles. I asked her if she would like them for the rehearsal dinner. The initial plan was to hang them in trees. While I was in Moorhead for the wedding shower, we visited the shelter at the park where the rehearsal dinner was to be held. The trees were all too big to hang the jars in. As I drove back to Wisconsin, I wondered how we could incorporate the candle jars into the decorations. We have several garden flag hangers, and I thought they might work for the candles.

We ended up hanging two jars on each of our six stakes. We staked them into the ground on both sides of the walkway going to the shelter. I think they looked very nice.

DSCN1102 DSCN1103

We set them up again on Saturday night at the entrance to the reception hall. As people were leaving, they lit the pathway for them.

My mom and I also made centerpieces for the tables at the rehearsal dinner. You can see them on the table in this picture of some of our family members.


I kept one of them to use as a decoration in our home. It matches nicely with our green d├ęcor. The rest of them I gave to Cathryn to use as gifts for people who helped her with wedding activities.


But, I spent the most time on a twin size double wedding ring quilt for Korey and Cathryn. There are over 1,400 pieces of fabric in it. I worked on it regularly for over two months. It is by far the most ambitious quilting project I have ever undertaken. I learned a lot while making it. It’s not perfect, but I’m pleased with how it turned out. I appliqued a B in the center for their last name. This was my first attempt at applique. I think they like it!

Quilt 1

I hand sewed a circle on the back and appliqued the label in the center.

Quilt 2

Cathryn is also crafty. She embroidered handkerchiefs for her bridesmaids and parents. Each one was a little different. I must say my hankie got used during the wedding service. She also gave us these hangers made by one of her mom’s co-workers to hang our dresses on. Very nice Cathryn.


Now that the wedding is over, I’m busy doing some spring cleaning (a little late this year). Yesterday I washed windows and screens. Today will be cleaning out the kitchen cabinets. Next week will be going through the other cabinets and getting rid of clothes we no longer need.

And, here are a few more wedding pictures. I love the colors in this picture.


Here are all the guys.


And, I really like this one. Three happily married couples.


Cathryn’s dad arranged for a vintage car to drive them from the church to the reception.


Don’t wish upon a star – Reach for one!