Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Not All Who Wander Are Lost
June, 2019 - Mount Denali, Alaska

Monday, September 10, 2012

Finally A Bike Ride

A couple of times last year we enjoyed riding our bikes on the Wild Goose State Trail. We were looking forward to more rides this year.

Because of the extreme hot weather this summer, we didn’t get out there. Yesterday the temperatures were perfect for a ride. Low humidity and highs in the low 70s.


We drove the truck to the intersection of Hwys. 33 and 26. There is a nice parking lot there. The bike rack we use on the back of the 5th wheel can also be used on the truck. That way we can take our bikes to the trails.

We rode our bikes from Hwy. 33 to Hwy. 60 along the gravel path. It was a total of 14.5 miles round trip. I used an app on my phone called Jog Tracker to measure our distance.

The trail is fairly level as it is along an old rail way. We had a head wind on the return trip. It also seemed there were more uphill inclines on the way back. My legs were quite sore by the time we were done. I don’t think I could have done much more. I was sure glad to see that parking lot!

I was expecting to see the beginnings of fall color along the trail. With the mild winter and hot and dry summer, we really thought the leaves would start turning early this year.

We didn’t see any fall color along the trail. That’s okay, fall will be here soon enough. There were lots of pretty yellow flowers and cattails along the way.


On one of our water break stops Kevin spotted this little guy on the path. I don’t know what kind of turtle it is. Or maybe it’s a tortoise that lives on land.


Kevin spent the afternoon watching football. I watched some Brothers and Sisters DVDs I got from the library. I’m not one to sit and watch sports. I like to be doing something else, too.

Our Wisconsin football teams did not have a good start to the season. Both the Wisconsin Badgers and Green Bay Packers lost. Neither team looked very good. I sure hope this is not a sign of a frustrating season to come.

Tonight we’re going to a Milwaukee Brewers game with our son Eric. They still have a slim chance of making it to the playoffs. You never know, miracles do happen :)

I’m reading the Hunger Games trilogy. I’m on book two right now. We watched the movie on Saturday night. I thought it was pretty good. Kevin has not read the book, and he thought the movie was just okay. He said there were parts of it that weren’t explained real well. Luckily, I could fill in the blanks because I had read the book. On Friday night we watched the Three Stooges movie. We both grew up watching them on TV in black and white. The movie had a few funny parts, but was mostly pretty dumb.

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