Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Not All Who Wander Are Lost
June, 2019 - Mount Denali, Alaska

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Zion National Park Kolob Canyon

Kolob Canyon is on the north side of Zion National Park.  The majority of visitors only go to the south section.  The last time we visited Zion was in July, 1996, and we weren’t even aware of this north section.  So today we checked it out.

Zion Nat'l Park Kolob Overlook 1This is the  view from a distance.





Zion Nat'l Park Kolob 1Here’s the view as you begin the drive up the five mile road.


At the end of the road is an overlook of the canyon.  For an even better view, there is a 1 mile roundtrip trail.  Here’s the view from the top of the trail.

Zion Nat'l Park Kolob 3

Zion Nat'l Park Kolob Kev & Ev

A nice lady took our picture up there.




I saw this bird at the overlook.  I’m thinking it’s another Western Scrub Jay although the park brochure said there are Western Bluebirds up here.  Hopefully, Judy can identify it for me :)

Zion Nat'l Park Kolob Western Srub Jay 1

Zion Nat'l Park Kolob Western Scrub Jay 2

One of the trails is a five mile roundtrip trek along Taylor Creek.  It takes you back into one of the canyons past two old cabins to an amazing double arch alcove.  I really enjoyed hearing the sounds of the rustling fall leaves and the trickling water.  There is still quite a bit of fall color in the canyon. 

Zion Nat'l Park Kolob 7

Zion Nat'l Park Kolob 8

Zion Nat'l Park Kolob 9








Zion Nat'l Park Kolob 10


Both of these cabins were built in 1930 by two colleagues at the Branch Agricultural College, Gustive Larson and Arthur Fife.  They stayed here off and on during the summer for several years. 

Zion Nat'l Park Kolob Fife Cabin

Zion Nat'l Park Kolob Larson Cabin


At the end of the trail was this double arch alcove.  This cave is the beginning of the creek.  The water seeps through the rock to form the creek.  The canyon is a beautiful place and I can see why someone would build a cabin here.

Zion Nat'l Park Kolob Double Arch Alcove 2 Zion Nat'l Park Kolob Double Arch Alcove 1 Zion Nat'l Park Kolob Double Arch Alcove 3

When we got home, I contacted the RV Park we want to go to next.  We now have a reservation at the Longstreet Casino RV Park in Amargosa Valley, Nevada for the month of November.  It’s on the east end of Death Valley so we’ll have time to explore and relax.  I’m ready for some time at the pool.  Average November temperatures are in the 70s.  The best part about this place is the price.  The monthly rate is $10.14 a night for a full hook-up site, electricity included.  It’s pretty remote so we’ll be stocking up with supplies this weekend in Cedar City.  I hope the place lives up to my expectations!

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