Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Not All Who Wander Are Lost
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Attacked By A Tree

Yesterday was not a good day!!

It was travel day. Since we’ve had a few tire episodes on travel days over the past few years, I’ve come to dread these days. I get really nervous, and usually read while Kevin drives to keep me distracted.

Yesterday was one of the shortest travel days we’ve had, moving from San Antonio to Kerrville, only about 70 miles. I had made reservations at Hill Country RV Park in Kerrville. It’s Spring Break week for all of the Texas schools, so I felt a reservation was a good idea for this week.

I rely heavily on the website RV Park Reviews when researching places to stay. This place had two reviews with an 8 and a 9 out of 10. What were these people smoking?? I also check the campgrounds website for more information. This place had a nice website with good pictures. They also state the following on their website:

We prefer to have camping rigs that are less than 15 years old within the park. This is to keep up a nice modern park environment for all users. Special arrangements can be made with the management on a case by case basis if your rig is older. If your rig is becoming run down or is in need of repair, we reserve the right to ask you to perform the repairs or ask you to remove the rig from the park at our sole discretion.

When we arrived, we were quite disappointed. I would say 90% of the trailers in this park are over 15 years old. Most of them look to be permanent residents. The place looks pretty run down. There was no one here to check us in even though we had a reservation. One of the permanent residents was nice enough to come out and talk to us. He called the camp host who told us to take any open site.

There were only two open sites, both of them back ins. We decided to stay since it was only for a week. There are large rocks at the side of the road at each site, and there is a loop road to get to all of the sites. Kevin felt it would be best to go around the loop and come at the site from the opposite side to be able to back in without hitting the rocks.

There is a very large tree on one side of the road. Branches had been cut out of it so it looked like it would be okay to drive under it. There were some large units at the back of the park, so we figured if they got in, we’d be fine too.


As we went under the tree, I felt a bump like we had run over something in the road. Kevin was mumbling something under his breath, so I wasn’t sure what had happened. When we stopped at the site, he went up on the roof and did not find good news.

There was one dead branch of the tree that had cut a slice into our rubber roof about 11 feet long. There are three larger tears and then a long line of smaller holes. Our bathroom skylight also had a hole poked into it. Needless to say, we were not happy!!!



We got set up and a few hours later the camp host came by to collect the rent. We explained what happened, and he suggested we call the owner. I called him and explained what happened. He said he would contact the camp host and get back to us.

The camp host came by a little later and told us we would not be charged for the site for the week and he will be bringing me the insurance information for the campground so we can file a claim with them. He also told me that we’re the third unit to have damage from that tree. One unit actually had the air conditioner torn off the roof. He also told me the owner told him to get someone out here to cut back more of the tree. I sure wish they would have taken care of that sooner!!

So now we have to have the tire damage from October and the roof damage repaired when we get back to Wisconsin. I called the RV dealer and made an appointment for them to look at it on April 15th. Based on my description, they think the entire roof needs to be replaced. That’s at least a week in the shop. We’ll get an estimate for the insurance company and take it from there. In the meantime, Kevin taped the cuts on the roof with duct tape. We’ll see how that holds up.

I had a rough night sleeping because of all of this. I only got about four hours of sleep and then my mind wouldn’t let me rest anymore. How are we going to get this all taken care of? Where are we going to stay? How long will it take? I hate fighting with insurance companies!  etc., etc., etc. I sure hope I can sleep better tonight.

Better days ahead!! Smile

Don’t wish upon a star – Reach for one!


  1. Too bad about the tree damage. Hope you are able to get it fixed soon.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about the damage to your rig. As a former insurance claim adjuster, I've dealt with a lot of people that have been in accidents, and your feelings are completely normal. I always told my insured's to realize it was an accident, that it can be repaired and it could have certainly been a lot worse. It may be inconvenient since it's your home, but it can be repaired and no one was hurt!

    Also, know that insurance companies really aren't the horrible places people think they are. They just need to confirm coverage, estimate the damages, pay the claim and close the file! Their goal is to pay what is owed and get the file closed.

    If the duct tape doesn't work you might try getting some Eternabond. It will stick and would probably even work as a permanent fix for the roof if you wanted. Go on RV-Net Forum and do a search for it and see what everyone is saying. We use it around the roof openings instead of re-caulking every 6 months.

    Good luck and try to feel better.

  3. Wow that definitely was a bad day. :( I don't blame you for not sleeping well after that one. When we had a branch from a tree come down on our roof, they used a Dicor caulking for the repair, but it wasn't anywhere near as much damage as you had. Like Karen and Al, we use Eternabond on the roof - especially the cap seams so we don't have to keep checking the caulking.

  4. I agree with Karen and Al. For that type of damage, there's no way I would want my entire rubber roof replaced. I would repair it with Eternabond, and the repair will last forever. Fast, simple, and no insurance involvement.

  5. Sorry to hear about your mishap. Like Karen I also did some time as an adjuster and agree with her comments. One thing I might add, if you do not want to work with the campgrounds insurance company yourself you can file the claim on your own policy to speed up the repairs. You will have to pay your deductible but your company will subrogate the other company and will refund your deductible when they collect. Often times going through your own company will speed up the authorizations for repairs and your company will deal with the parks insurance company if you don't feel comfortable doing so.

    Don't sweat it though, just another bump in the road that will give you a good future "campfire story".


  6. Oh, no. That's no fun at all. I will ask Bob about your roof. He was in the roofing industry for over 30 years. He may be able to give you some good advice.

    I have read other blogs where people use Eternabond. If I remember correctly that is a polymer as are most RV roofs.

  7. It is your home. Do you also have insurance on the rig? This could be covered under the comprehensive portion like when we backed into a tree. We had to pay the deductible, which for us was $1000, but your insurance company should fight for you with the insurance company of the park. Don't be afraid to make a claim. Thats what insurance is for.

  8. Boy, do I know how that feels. I had my roof replaced last fall. When it happened, my next door neighbor used silicone under and over the rip. we had rain, but it didn't leak until I got it fixed. More information in my blog on October 17th.
    Hope that you get it fixed soon and insurance takes care of it.

  9. Sorry about the roof damage. Peterson Ind.(they make Excels) are putting roofs on with rhino lining.
    Eternabond tape is best.


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