Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Not All Who Wander Are Lost
October, 2017 - Mexico

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Yesterday morning I saw evidence (droppings) that a mouse had been in our kitchen and bedroom. That is not going to fly!!!

While we were out, we picked up some basic traps. We keep mouse poison in our basement and under the bed, but none of that had been disturbed. Kevin thought I was imagining things; but let me tell you, my mouse radar is very accurate!

Kevin promised he would set the traps before he went to bed. We were sitting watching a movie, and my ears perked up. There was a rustling noise by the garbage can in the kitchen. Kevin went and looked, but didn’t see anything. He again told me I was imagining it, he didn’t hear anything. He rolled his eyes, but set the trap next to the can. Within a few minutes, snap. He walked around the counter, and, sure enough, there was a pretty big mouse caught in the trap. (I’ll spare you any pictures.) I told you I have excellent mouse radar :)

He reset the trap just in case this mouse had friends, but no more snaps. I think we’re safe, and I was able to sleep peacefully last night!

We’ve actually been quite lucky regarding rodents in our 5th wheel. This is only the second time we’ve had any evidence of a mouse.

By the way, last night on the local news there was a story about the Field of Dreams movie site. It seems it has been sold to investors from Chicago who plan to build a large baseball complex surrounding the site. The original farm and field will remain, but there will be a complex with fields and facilities for tournaments, etc. Some locals had filed court papers to stop it, but a judge ruled yesterday to allow the sale.

One of the signs stated that they originally did rent the site out for games and special events, but the family didn’t think that worked very well and chose to keep it simple and open for all to enjoy. I’m glad we got to see it in its non-commercial state.

I got a text message from Redbox yesterday giving me a free rental code for their 10th anniversary. Amazing they’ve been around for that long. We rented Snow White and the Huntsman. I would say it was just an okay movie. Charlize Theron did a great job portraying the evil stepmother. The end definitely left things open for a sequel.


Today we’re going bike riding with Kevin’s brother and joining them for dinner at their house. Temps are supposed to be in the 60s today and sunny. Should be perfect for a nice long ride.

Don’t wish upon a star – Reach for one!


  1. Glad you caught your rodent intruder. So far we have not had any rodents. (But then we have two hunter cats who would dispose of, or at least alert us to, anything skittering around.)

    Snow White and the Huntsman never looked that good to me. It looked too dark and violent. I think I would rather see Julia Roberts in Mirror, Mirror. At least Mirror, Mirror looked humorous. It's also about Snow White.


  2. Man, I hate those pesky little guys. We've had a couple but none lately. Safe travels to Coffeyville.

  3. Those four legged little buggers can be crafty. Be sure and tie a little string or thread around the bail, add your bait and then set the trap. Then their teeth will be sure to get caught and then the trap will go off.
    I've seen where they can eat the bait off the bail without setting off the trap. The string is extra insurance.
    I was just rambling down through your latest entries. Yes indeed, the internet can be an amazing place. Kinda neat that you can once again catch up with some long lost cousins, even though it unfortunately took a death to get the ball rolling. Sorry to hear about that part.
    While I can certainly read the German on your cousin's blog (it was your cousin, right?) I'm afraid I'm not that interested in dresses, bonnets or knitting socks. Cute blog though.
    Have fun.

  4. Craig teases me about being an avid "mouser", but I know if I don't keep traps bated and set I will get mice and rats in the Alfa. We actually caught one Deer Mouse in the bay at Yosemite. They are the ones that spread the Hepavirus. The infection that has killed some tent campers. Th only good mouse is a dead mouse.

  5. I was wondering if that movie is any good. It got quite a lot of publicity when it first came out because of the big names in it.


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