Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Not All Who Wander Are Lost
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Friday, February 24, 2012

Goodyear Finally Responds

It took two months, but I finally got a response from Goodyear regarding our tire problem on January 1st. We had purchased the replacement tire in Midland, Texas on our way to Tucson. I took pictures of the defective tire, and planned to deal with Goodyear once we arrived here.

I called Goodyear on January 6th and was told they would not consider reimbursement for the tire if we did not have the defective tire to send to them. I explained the situation and told them I had taken several pictures, but the guy blew me off and said I was out of luck. They would not do anything based on pictures. I thought pictures would be sufficient since it was the same problem as we had last year.

I went to Goodyear’s website to see if I could find contact information for the corporate offices. They had an area on their site where you could send them an email, so I sent off an email. I never heard from them. It really irks me when companies have a spot of their website to email them and they don’t respond!

I remembered hearing Clark Howard on the radio say that if you don’t get satisfaction from the customer service of a company, you should find the names of the President or other top officials and send them a letter. I got the name of the President and VP of Marketing from a news release on Goodyear’s site, and I sent them each a letter with a picture explaining the issue.

Yesterday I finally received a phone call from Kathy at corporate headquarters. It took almost two months to get to this point. She said that after reviewing the picture, they determined that they would reimburse us, but since there was some tread wear on the tire they offered us 50 percent of what we paid for the new tire.

Since we made the mistake of not keeping the defective tire and the tires are four years old, we took the 50 percent. Kevin will continue to keep an eagle’s eye on the remaining tires.

Today there was a craft fair in the park. I had some leftover quilted sunglass cases I made last year, so I signed up for a table. There was no fee, so what the heck. It was just an in-park event, so there wasn’t much activity, but I did sell three of them.

Tucson has been a very busy place this week. There is a world golf championship going on with Tiger Woods in attendance. Major League Soccer has had some games with David Beckham playing. The Tucson Rodeo has been taking place all week. The rodeo is such a big deal that the kids get two days off school each year and there is a Rodeo Parade. It’s the largest non-motorized parade in the country. I watched it on TV, lots of horses and carriages.

The weather this week has been perfect. It’s been in the mid 70s, sunny and low humidity. An absolutely perfect week for hiking. Tomorrow is supposed to hit 80.

Next week is our last week in Tucson. We have planned a couple of excursions, so I’ll have more interesting posts next week.

Don’t wish upon a star – Reach for one!


  1. Persistance paid off. Even if it was only 50%. It's a good thing no one was hurt with a blown tire.

  2. I have contacted the big wigs of two corporations on issues in the past and have always received a positive response. Might be just luck but when the locals won't help I think it is worth doing. Glad it worked for you. Enjoy that weather, sounds perfect.

  3. I think 50% is pretty fair on a four year old tire. Too bad it took so long to get a decision out of them though.

  4. Yes 50% is certainly fair. Just too bad Goodyear tires tend to suck to start with. Changing out a tire should be up to the owner, not dependant on when a tire decides to "let go". Nor should the owner be faced with having to hound a company to own up to their inferior product.
    I absolutely refuse to buy their product after having an issue way back in the late 80s. They had a pitiful product then, and apparently it hasn't improved much.
    I've never ever had a similar issue with any other "non-Goodyear" tire in all the years since.
    Somehow I don't think that's just some sort of "coincidence".

  5. Good job Evelyn! It really does take persistence to get results from most companies these days.


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