Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Not All Who Wander Are Lost
June, 2019 - Mount Denali, Alaska

Monday, September 5, 2011

It’s Been a Busy Week

Our son Korey, who lives on the western side of Minnesota, arrived for a week long visit last Wednesday night. On Thursday morning the three of us played disc golf at a park in Beaver Dam. Korey has played before, but Kevin and I were rookies. We played with two discs we had found and one regular Frisbee.

Let me tell you, regular Frisbees don’t work very well. We had a good time, though, along with some laughs. It was a good thing we went early as it got up to 90 degrees and was very humid on Thursday, as well as on Friday.

Thursday night we went to my mom’s house for dinner. She has an 80 acre farm. As we came down the driveway, we saw a lot of Canadian Geese on the pond. Once we got in the house, we saw about 30 wild turkeys off the back deck. Then a couple of deer walked through the yard. I was teasing my mom that she lives on a wildlife preserve. This was the view off of her back deck. Turkeys in the front and geese further back.


We hadn’t taken a family picture since last Christmas, so the guys had to humor me. We’re on the deck. The field right behind us was where all the birds you see above were located.


We enjoyed a great evening with my mom, her friend, Richard, and my brother and his wife. And, of course, no one ever leaves my mom’s without eating too much!

Korey gets a week off at the end of the summer camping season to compensate for all the extra hours he works during the summer. I so appreciate that he has come home and spent that week with us every summer since he moved to Minnesota. And, now that our schedule is more flexible, we don’t have to go to work every day. We can enjoy all of his time with us!

Five couples that belong to the camping club we belong to came and camped at our park for the weekend. We’ve all gotten to be good friends over the years, and had a fun weekend. There was lots of laughter, eating, and game playing all weekend long.

On Saturday seven of us went golfing at a course we haven’t been to yet. Korey and I shared a cart. I had my best game of the season. My son must have brought me luck! This morning six of the guys went back and played again. Korey and Kevin shared a cart and had a very good time. Korey has his best game of the season!

The weather could have been better for the weekend. All but two of our sites were full. Thursday and Friday were very hot and humid with some scattered rain. Saturday was a bit cooler, but it rained a few times and was very windy. Sunday was cool and windy with some more showers and temperatures Sunday night dropped to the low 40s. It definitely felt like fall this morning. As is often the case, today when everyone was leaving was the nicest day.

While we were in New Mexico last spring, a piece of metal on our step broke. Kevin fixed it temporarily. This weekend our friend Jim brought his portable welder and a better piece of metal. He had the new piece welded in place in no time, and now we have a solid and secure step. I’ll sand it a bit and spray paint it, and it will look good as new. Better, in fact, since it’s sturdier. Thanks for the help, Jim!


It’s the piece along the bottom that has the rust on it. It keeps the steps from swaying and makes them solid when you step on them.

The other day I got up and looked out our back window. The field was full of geese. Another sign that fall is here. Five weeks from today we will be leaving Wisconsin. I have a couple weeks worth of work left at Eric’s house, and then I’ll be ready for the next adventure.


Don’t wish upon a star – Reach for one!


  1. Wow, looks like it was a wildlife week! I'm sure it was good to have both boys with you. The thing I miss the most when we travel is time with my boys. Liked the family photo.

  2. I am as bad at disc golf as I am regular golf.

  3. I remember watching the geese on the marsh in Wisconsin and hearing them fly over in large Vs honking away. Here we have many at the parks and they are almost considered pests because they poop all over. Many never leave.


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