Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Not All Who Wander Are Lost
October, 2017 - Mexico

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We Have Mi-Fi

We finally have Mi-Fi.  It turns out the unit we purchased two weeks ago was defective. So, after waiting nearly two weeks for a new sim card and then driving to Eric’s house to get it, it still didn’t work.

Yesterday I had to drive the 40 miles back to West Bend to the Verizon store where we purchased the unit, and they replaced it.  For whatever reason, Verizon was having problems authenticating sim cards, so it still wasn’t working when I left the store.  They assured me it would be up and running within an hour.

I plugged it in when I got home, and success! Both computers were able to connect and it’s still working today.  We absolutely seem to have the worst luck with electronics type of stuff. I’m just so glad it finally works. 

I’m going to wait a few days just to make sure it continues to work well.  Then, I will get major satisfaction out of cancelling our aircard through Coast 2 Coast Cellular.  I  didn’t appreciate getting ripped off by them!!

A couple of days ago, I saw some Baltimore Orioles while we were out taking a walk.  When we got home, I put an orange in a tree on our site.  Yesterday we had two Orioles chomping away at our orange.  They’ve even tried feeding at our hummingbird feeder.  I don’t recall ever seeing a Baltimore Oriole in Wisconsin.  I guess the orange did the trick!


Some of you may be thinking I’ve lost my mind after reading my previous post.  What in the world is she doing posting a guest blog about vampires???  Let me explain.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may recall that I mentioned a website called Blosgvertise back in February.  This site pays you to put ads in your blog.  When I first signed up in February, they sent me several ads which I posted to my blog.  So far, I’ve earned $85.15 through the site, and they have paid the money to my Paypal account. It takes about a month to get the money, but it’s sure an easy way to earn a little extra.

In the beginning they sent me several ads, but then things dropped off.  The only ads they’ve had available lately were the type where people have to click on them and you get paid per click or action.  I like the ads where you get a flat fee for posting it.  This latest one pays $10.  I think it’s an easy way to make a few bucks without cluttering up the blog with a bunch of advertising.  So, anytime you see a post that has stars (*) around the title, you will know it’s an ad.  Feel free to read it or not.  Just don’t think I’m going crazy :)

Just so you know, I’ve never watched the True Blood series on HBO.  I’m not endorsing it, just posting a guest blog to earn a little advertising revenue.  I did like the Twilight movies, though, so I just might see if I can find the DVD at the library.  We don’t subscribe to any movie channels through DirecTV. 

Speaking of the library, I’m so excited to be back in one area for a while to have access to a library.  I’ve already checked out several movies and books.  We watched the first two Harry Potter movies again.  We plan to watch all of them again before getting the newest one.  We also watched Contact with Jodie Foster.  Part of that movie took place at the VLA we visited in New Mexico.  I just love public libraries!!!

The weather is fantastic today.  I went for a nice long walk.  Kevin’s out mowing.  As I sit here with the windows open, I can smell the fresh cut grass.  It smells and feels like summer!

Don’t wish upon a star – Reach for one!


  1. We like our MiFi too. We went Verizon last week and are testing it all out for when we're on the road.

  2. I get ebooks and audio books on my computer all of the time from the library. I would think you could too no mater where you are in the country.

    Also I have heard that if you are in a place for more than a week you can go to the local library and get a card.


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