Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Not All Who Wander Are Lost
October, 2017 - Mexico

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Kevin and I really like to watch movies.  We’ve subscribed to the 3 movie package with Netflix for several years.  Many weekends we would watch 3 movies in one weekend; especially, on those cold Wisconsin weekends.

This summer we are having the movies sent to our son’s house.  About once a week one of us drives to his house to get our mail, including the movies.  It’s about an hour drive each way, but we figure we have to get our mail anyways so we continue to have the movies sent.

We plan to continue to use his address as our mailing address once we leave for the winter.  I don’t think it will be feasible to continue the Netflix.  From what I understand, most campgrounds don’t let you get personal mail delivered to the campground.

I’m wondering what other fulltimers do about movies.  We do have DirecTV and can watch movies on TV.  We don’t subscribe to any of the movie channels because it doesn’t seem they have that many good movies.  We’re not much into going to the theater due to the cost and convenience of watching at home.  I’m thinking we will try out Redbox as we travel.  I also frequently check out movies at the library.  I’ll have to see how accessible libraries are as we move around.

Two recent movies I’ve enjoyed have been Extraordinary Measures and Valentine’s Day.  We also watched Wolfman which I thought was far too gruesome and Remember Me which was a sad drama with a surprise twist at the end.

It’s not a big deal, but one of those things we enjoyed in our old life and are trying to figure out how to incorporate into our new life.

Yesterday we played another round of golf.  Kevin shot a 47 which was one of his best rounds ever.  I’m still not keeping score.  I did have 4 decent holes with a par on the last hole.  It’s rare for me to get a par, so I was excited about that.  Little by little, I’m improving.  Even though I’m not very good, we have a good time playing together.

Wishing you all a great day!


  1. I know what you mean. You want all the toys from home to travel with you. We also use Netflix and use the streaming movies...providing you have internet. It will not work with an aircard unless you have unlimited data. You can stream Netflix with Wifi though. We bought a Roku player to stream Netflix. It makes it much easier than streaming directly from the computer to the TV. Or you can stream directly through a Wii player, not as good as Roku, but better than through internet/tv connection.

    We also use Redbox. It's $1 a night and if you're late, it just cost another dollar. They have pretty recent movies.

  2. I would go back to Netflix if you have wifi. Netflix now has "Instant Queue" where you can watch alot of movies directly from yoru computer or from your TV if it is connected to a device such as the ROKU that allows video streaming. You can sign up for Netflix's cheapest plan of only 1 or 2 movies for a month via mail, but you get unlimited use movies that are available instantly. Will they have new releases available instantly? Not ussually. There is some wait time. But their are tons ofmovies to choose from and we are never without something we want to watch. Pair that with redbox whereyou can get new realeases for $1 and you are golden!

  3. I still have Netflix. I don't send them in while I'm moving every day or so, but if I'm somewhere for several weeks, I just change my address on line. THis is the first private park I've stayed in for an extended time, and they have no problem with mail being sent here.

    I'm usually on a National Wildlife Refuge, and again no problem receiving them. They just don't arrive as quickly out in the boonies. :)

  4. RedBox is becoming very popular and they seem to be popping up everywhere, but we haven't tried one of them yet. We have used our blockbuster card while traveling, so that's an option if you have one of those.

  5. Most libraries I know won't lend books to folks who don't actually live permanently in the community. Some of them require a utility bill with a local address in order to get a card so the library may not be a possibility.

  6. If you run out of movies to watch, and have WI-Fi available, there is a Lifetime Network movie channel where they keep half a dozen or so movies on que all the time, and rotate them in and out regularly. Many are what I'd call "chick flicks", but all are family friendly. There's also which has a LOT of movies available, and their player works great! We use our computers for all of our TV watching (connected to a 40-inch screen when we feel like messing with the hookup)and find that nearly every network and third-party providers have more than enough shows and entertainment to keep us busy! As part of trimming down to a simple life, the last thing I want is ongoing monthly commitments!

    There's also FTA (free to air) satellite programming, too, which has no monthly commitments, and it uses the same size dish as DishNetwork and Direct TV. You can even find suppliers for their equipment on eBay. Google it, and you'll find some sites that have the programming guides online to see what's available.


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