Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Not All Who Wander Are Lost
October, 2017 - Mexico

Monday, May 10, 2010


Today we did laundry for the first time as fulltimers. Actually, I did some loads at the house last week since we still hadn't closed. The house is an hour away, so it didn't pay to drive back today just to do laundry. I don't recall ever being in a laundromat before. It was great. The machines are really big so we fit everything into two loads. Total cost was $5.75.

Our RV is set up for a washer and dryer, but at this point we don't think we're going to get them. We may change our minds, but for now, we'd rather have the storage space.

The weather was cold and rainy over the weekend, so we hung out inside and took it easy; played some Wii, watched movies, played games, did some reading and just relaxed. We played a game called Blokus 3D. I'm not that great at strategy games so Kevin beat me. I'll keep trying :)

Other than being lazy over the weekend, we've been very busy. I don't know how I ever found time to go to work :)

We've been taking walks almost every day. Sometimes, twice a day. One of our goals as fulltimers is to lose a little weight and become more physically fit. It's a little over 2 miles if we walk the roads of the park. We also walked a circular route along the roads outside the park. It's very beautiful around here. The park is on a river with lots of pretty scenery. I'll take some pictures next time we walk. It's supposed to rain the next three days so it may be a while :)

While we were in town we checked out the local library. I just love libraries! The town we are closest to is Columbus with a population of about 4,500. I've noticed how friendly the people are. It seems to be true that people in small town America are nicer than the big city folks. The librarian was so helpful. It turns out there is some kind of library consortium in southeast Wisconsin so she was able to piggy back onto the card I already had. We checked out some movies for today. When I have a little more time, I'm going to enjoy browsing through the books.

Last Friday we went to the hardware store to see if we could buy some glass film for our storage cabinet doors. The man at the hardware store was also very friendly and helpful. The parks employees have also been really nice. Everyone is pretty laid back. I think we're going to enjoy our summer here!

What this world needs is a new kind of army - the army of the kind. ~Cleveland Amory


  1. We found the same thing. The time seems to fly by, even not working.

    When we first started RVing fulltime one question that we got asked the most, won't you be bored? We are never bored there is always something to do, and see. Reading, cards, hiking and computer when we have it, use up our time. Before you kow it the day is gone. We love it!!!

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. Speaking of libraries, e-books can help with storage problems.


  3. Speaking of libraries, do you have some kind of e-book reader, that can save a lot of space


  4. I like laundromats because you can get that mundane chore over in the
    least amount of time!

  5. Walking in the park with your husband sounds so much better than a treadmill! But of course I do get to watch movies as I go!

    I have been wondering if by the time we are out there the libraries will have ebooks you can download without going in. If they do we could all have "big city" library cards and get out books downloaded to us.

    I have not gotten a reader yet since I like the cost of library books, or free books I pick up here and there at various book exchanges and drops.

    I'm not a fussy reader. If I don't like the book, I switch to another!

  6. enjoying your journey. :-)


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