Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Not All Who Wander Are Lost
June, 2019 - Mount Denali, Alaska

Sunday, November 7, 2021

A New "Job" For Us

 It's amazing how fast time flies. We've been back in Yuma for a month already, and we've been very busy. But, not too busy to hang out with our friends and play lots of golf! Our friends Syd and Carolyn invited us over for dinner along with Cynthia. As usual, we had a great time with lots of laughs and delicious food. They are amazing cooks!!

I've also been quite busy taking care of the details of my mom's estate. We accepted an offer on her condo this week; so hopefully, that all goes well. I'm so grateful for the technology to be able to take care of all of this from a distance.

A few weeks after we got back, we were asked by the management here at the resort if we would be interested in taking over the administration of the golf leagues with another couple. Jim and Sally did it for about 30 years, and they are retiring. We said yes, and it turns out the other couple were Syd and Carolyn. Perfect!! 

Once we learn the program, it won't be that time consuming. But, for now; we're spending quite a bit of time learning. Then we'll split the duties between the four of us, and it will be no problem.

The resort sponsored a Halloween Party with dancing and free drinks. We had a great time. There was a photo booth, so we got silly with Syd and Carolyn. The photographer was using a halo light, and it reflected exactly in my glasses, making it look like I have monster eyes. Too funny!!

Something weird happened to this tree on the golf course over the summer. It reminds me of trees in Dr. Seuss books. The whole top is hanging down, but it's still alive. Strange!!

So, that's about all that's new with us. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying life as much as we are!!

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